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With no ‘industry standards’ per se, setting your fees as a freelancer is a tricky job. But, certain factors help determine your freelance rates and set them right. Read on…

“How do I set my prices as a freelancer?” — Every freelancer is searching for this (Google told me so!). And how can we be not? There is no one-price-fits-all. There isn’t any standard according to which we set our writing charges. It can be anything!

From USD 0.1 per word to USD 30 per hour or USD 500 per article — even the pricing models vary. There’s is just…

A 7–step walkthrough guide to kickstart your freelance career RIGHT NOW! Make sure you follow them all consistently :)

Work from home has become a new trend, and it took a whole pandemic to make us realize that “that important meeting could be an email too!”… WFH is here to stay, and as a direct after-effect, freelance industry is booming (and would explode further). We’re expected to see a huge boom in the gig economy and independent workers A.K.A. the solopreneurs — freelancers.

And now, freelancing is not just seen as a side gig but considered as a full-time career. This new wave of WFH has suddenly amplified this desire. More and more people are trying freelancing. …

Simran Doshi

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